Saturday, July 16, 2011

12 more days .....

It  feels so weird to  say and know that  in 12  short days  I will  have a  precious lil boy! I have waited for that day  for so long, since before I was  even married.  I always imagined what it would be like to  be pregnant and   then become a  mom, never did I  imagine it like this. Even with  everything my husband and I have been through  I  am not angry with what is going on  with Parker  anymore.   I know he is a fighter and I  pray that  he still has  that fight left in him to show the world that he isnt  going  anywhere. It seems like  everyday  as the delivery gets  closer I  get  so many thoughts going through my  head. The  "What if's"  or the  "Hopefully this"  consume my  thoughts. So many  people tell me  " Julia, it will all work out and  things are  going to be fine" and as much as I want to  believe  them  and  I really do try to tell myself that  but I  know the  truth... No one   knows what is  gonna happen  on that  day  and the weeks following his birth. My hope is that he comes out stronger than what they anticipate. They  know he has a left lung but they cant  be sure how much is there  b/c of his other organs blocking it. I just pray that he surpasses everyone's expectations, but like I said   no one knows what will happen.
 I want so bad to  have my baby shower and   get the room ready and  be excited about  everything, but then reality sits in and  I know I  shouldn't  do it  just yet.
 I have my  last  dr appointment with the  Fetal Care  this week then  Delivery  will be  next.  It  is weird to know that  after  almost 4 months  going their just about  every week  I  wont  be anymore.  I will update  with  more news of what they have to say  later this week... Sorry this  blog is all over the  place  I just  have so many thoughts  going through my mind and this seemed to be the best place to put them....
* Stays  right where is he  until it is his time to come out
* The Dr's have  good news on Thursday
*  NO ECMO the  day of and  anytime there after  he is born
Thanks  again to all of  you out there that are praying  <3


  1. Julia, I will be praying like a mad woman! If you need anything you let me know. Love ya and lil Parker too!

  2. AnonymousJuly 19, 2011

    Julia, I am the mother of a CDH Survivor. You will likely hear about him if your son will be going to the STL Childrens NICU. His name is Benjamin Hubble, (he is the CDH baby featured in the fetal care center packets). If you need someone to talk to for support, please do not hesitate to ask, I am still close friends with many of the NICU staff there and they can put you in touch with me. Our son is now 22 months old, but I vividly remember the point you and your family are at now....I will pray God gives you, your husband and your precious baby boy the strength and support you will need. May God Bless you all and hold you in the hollow of His mighty hands and keep you safe....much love, Kelly Hubble

  3. AnonymousJuly 20, 2011

    God bless your delivery and your little baby.

  4. AnonymousJuly 20, 2011

    Even though I do not know you, you and your family in my prayers! Just remember that God does not give us anything that he does not think we can handle! He sounds like a very strong and determined little guy and I hope that strength and determination will continue once he enters this world (which I am sure it will). Hang in there because you will need to be strong for him, too!