Friday, July 8, 2011

Not much longer to go till "D -Day"

Everything seems to be going  rather smooth  right now, no big changes  or concerns. I suppose I am happy about that  b/c when  Parker gets here  things will become a lil crazy. I had a Dr.appointment with the FCI  yesterday and  my lil  guy now weighs 5 LBS!  So he is still gaining weight  like he is suppose to! His  head  lung ratio went down from a  3 to a 2.5, the  doctors don't seem to be concerned with that  b/c his lungs are still "growing". I was sent to  get a steroid shot yesterday and another one today  to help with his lung maturing at a  rapid speed. I had an ECO  yesterday and   things still look good with his  heart. Still has  good blood flow the only "concern" is that  it is smashed a little on the  left side  due to all the  other organs  pressing against it , but  that is to be expected with  CDH babies  they say. I asked the doctors if there were any other  big concerns  other than the obvious  with his  lungs and he said no, that made me  feel a  bit better  that   so far there isnt  any big concerns with anything else.  My  fluid levels have went up a  lil bit  out of the normal rage and are now in the  moderate rage  but again they  say it is no big concern  yet. So things seem to be  staying pretty steady so far.
Delivery is  only 21 days away, in  3 weeks at this time  Parker will be here! I am full of so many mixed emotions. I  tell myself on a daily basis that  he will be ok and he will fight  but I cant  get rid of the thought of  "what if". As long as he has fight in him and is  fighting through this, I wont give up i just cant.  Our life has already changed so much  and  here in 21 days  we take another  long road  before we can bring him home. I cant wait  and I pray that things will be somewhat  normal  one day and  he will be a  happy healthy  lil guy.
I am not sure if many people  even read this blog but I am hoping that   whoever  does will pray that  Parker
- does NOT attempt to  make an  early arrival
- has lungs  strong enough to  avoid ECMO
- is strong enough to  fight  through this and come home to his mommy and daddy and  the rest of the family


  1. Hi Julia,

    I am a mom of a little CDH survivor and we are sending your family & Baby Parker many prayers!

    Please feel free to visit my blog (he is almost 11 months now, but i am still writing about the NICU) or ask me any questions as we have been in your shoes - the anticipation, fear and hopes are all the same!

    Take care, Angela

  2. Julia before my son was born I wasn't sure how I felt nut I was defiantly excited to find out how health6 and beautiful he was

  3. AnonymousJuly 08, 2011

    Found your blog through Facebook. I am praying for Parker and the rest of your family. Think positive!!!

  4. Mom ( Grandma)July 09, 2011

    My Dear Daughter , you are amazing . Everything that you have went through and still you hold the positive side in you , You are a wonderful mommy already and he isnt even here yet , I love you so much for that . Our lil
    Parker will be so proud of his mommy and daddy for doing everything you both have done . With Gods will he will be a healthy lil guy running around , swimming , playing , and making mommy and daddy chase him . Of course grandma and grandpa will be spoiling him rotten . But thats a part of being healthy .The time I have spent with you during your pregency has been the best days of this part of my life , We are proud grandparents , and you both have made that possible . THANK YOU BOTH FOR BRING PARKER INTO OUR LIVES . Our prayers are with you always !

  5. I am praying for you! I am a mama to a 11 month survivor as well... I remember all too well where we were just one year ago and I would love to be there for you. I know before Finley came I wasn't ready to talk to other mamas, but once we were in the hospital, I really wanted to connect with people who understood what we were going through. I am here anytime.. I will send you a DM on Facebook so you have my phone number.

    God is good- he loves you and Parker. Trust him.


  6. Go Parker!!! He's growing well and he is going to be one strong lil man!! Can't wait to see you guys!! I am sending prayers your way!!

  7. Thank you everyone. I pray god listens to everyone that is praying. This has by far been the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. It is so hard to think into the future when the future is just so unknown. Whether he is here for 1 min or years he will always be my Miracle baby for making it through all he has. Again thank you for the prayers and kind words <3