Friday, April 29, 2011

6 months already

I  really can not  believe it has already been  6 months and  even better only 3 months till I get to see his little face. Most parents  look more  toward holding their little one, but with  CDH  I have somewhat  came to accept the  fact that it will be a bit longer  till we  get to  hold  our baby. So for now I  long to  see his little face and  hands. It is really crazy how  the past  6 months have  changed   my life. Before I got  pregnant   all I  did was  work and  spend time with  family and  friends, now in  6 short months  my life has been consumed with  just thoughts of  my baby and the future. We went from planning a shower  to worrying about  me and baby  making it through  surgery, back to planning a shower when we found out it was a  boy..... then we get the news that he has   CDH and  now  it is just  dr appointment  after  dr. appointment (  but  I get  tons of ultrasounds and get to see him every week). I only wish I could see the  future and see what it has in store for us  besides  a  good long stay in the hospital.


  1. grandma and grandpa fuller and uncle CalebApril 29, 2011

    Just remain stronge my sweet daughter , God will be on our side . I am one of the most luckest grandmothers alive . I have a special bundle of joy we are all awaiting his arival . You and Dustin are doing a great job holding on to hope . I am so proud of both of you . I will be here for you both . Our baby boy is moving in some good directions as of now . All our prayers and love to you both .

  2. Julia - i just started following your blog. maddie is due in july.

    we will be praying for you all and baby campbell.

  3. AnonymousJuly 21, 2011

    Don't know you but I now put you and your baby on my prayer list. God is in control!