Friday, May 6, 2011

Had a rough week and I am I pretty sure next week will be just about the same

So  the past week has  been  rough. Had to  go to the hospital again  with pain in my stomach and  they thought it was my ovary twisting again but then  they  got in there and found that  I have a fibroid that is huge and is attached to the  ovary. While in there they  seen  pus  around my appendix so they took that out  not really knowing if  that was  causing me the pain but they wanted to take it just in case. So we left the hospital after a  2 night  stay and  headed to Cardinal  Glennon  to the  Fetal Care Institute (FCI)  I was  praying we would get good news again but I  know that with CDH  babies  good news is not a  very common thing to happen. The doctors  couldn't really get a   great  view  b/c the baby was  curled up and  with all the gas in my stomach from just having surgery  they  couldn't get the best of views. We could tell that his  lungs were  not  growing like we had hoped for  so they said if we wanted to do the hydrogel procedure  it would be best  that we do that  next week. That would mean yet another surgery for me to have to go through (#3), but if there is a  chance it can save my baby then I will do it. The scary thing is  after I have it I am going to be  high risk for  early labor and  they told me that  I HAVE to make it to 37 weeks for a chance. Then most likely at  37 weeks I will have a  scheduled  c section... I just hope that the  surgery goes smooth and I get through it without any contractions. I still find it  hard to believe that  all of this is happening. I find myself  wondering if I can  handle all of this before he is even here  and then what I have to  face when he  gets here, then I  get this little kick from inside telling me that it is all worth it. For the next week   I need  everyone to pray that   the surgery goes well and  the  week following  as well since I will be at high risk  of preterm labor.

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