Friday, June 3, 2011

Our lil guy is seeing progress

 On  Tuesday I went to  my regular OB  for my prenatal checkup and  everything there seems to be great, besides they want me to  possibly  gain  more weight. I  have only gained 5lbs  so far  and she said they would like to see at least  10lbs    ( if only they knew I eat all the time  :) ). My blood pressure and everything else  looked good !
Yesterday  we went to the  Fetal Care Institute (FCI) and  we got good news there too.  They said the babies heart looks amazing and  very strong :) We got a head  lung ratio of 2.8 ....last week was 2.4 so  it is moving on  up. I asked  Dr. Yang  where  or what  do we need to be at  or what is  a healthy baby at usually. He( Dr. Yang)  said  that with a  non CDH baby they  have  BOTH lungs that are  at  2.8 or  a lil higher, but we only have  been measuring the  right lung  since the left lung is so compressed and  hidden  by the other organs. Yang  said it appears that  right lung  could be  close to a  NORMAL  lung  but we are not sure  how much left lung is there  b/c it is so hard to see ( We do know that there is  some there we seen it right after the  Gel surgery ). I know both Dr's were excited with the  left lung they did see when they could see it so I feel good with thinking that he has a "good" amount of left lung.  We are  very excited that that  lil guys  right lung is  close to a normal lung. We have a MRI  next Wednesday  and that should give us a better idea of what  the lungs look like and the  volume they have. Last time  the  MRI  showed that his  right lung only had a  12%  volume and that is when the  head lung ratio was in the low 1's.  With it now being  high 2's  we should get some  good volume numbers. They also measure the  fluid around the baby b/c with CDH babies the  fluid can  build up faster than normal   but so far I am still in the  good  zone and they haven't said anything about it being  close to high so I was happy to hear that too!
They  gave us  some  more  3D  pics  but  being a stubborn  lil boy that he is  ( Dustin's son for sure) he kept putting his arm in front of his face and then  he  dug his face into the  placenta. So we will try again next  week I suppose. Since they only weigh him every other week   this week he  weighed 2lbs 15ozs.... almost 3 lbs! 
Please  keep  our lil guy in your prayers  we still  have a  long way  way to  go  and  need every thought and  prayer that we can  get for him. Thanks for the prayers thus far, I don't think I will ever be able to say  thank you enough <3 I must stay pregnant for at least 56 more  days  to make it to 37 weeks .... they  still have not given me a date for delivery.


  1. AnonymousJune 03, 2011


    Sounds like a lot of good news at your appointment. Lung growth is always a good thing. I am praying you make it to 40 weeks. :) Don't let the baby even hear you talk about 37, we want him in there as long as possible! Take care ~Janna

  2. So glad to hear wonderful news on baby Campbell.

    I hope you don't mind that I've included Campbell's blog on our own blog as one of the "Blogs we Love".

    Hoping things continue in the very promising direction they are.