Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dr. Visit didnt go like it normally does , but we had a little bit of progress!

The  Dr. appointment didn't go as I had hoped for today. The office was a bit hectic due to another mother giving birth and  one of the regular Dr.s I see every week is out of town for work and  there was a different ultrasound tech there too! Usually  the 2 doctors and the ultrasound tech each do a measurement and then give me the average  but today  only one doctor and  I am really not even sure if the  tech  did a measurement, but we  did get a little better on the head lung ratio it is now a  2.4.Dr.Yang said that  the lungs are not as bright ( the gel made them appear bright on the ultrasound) so there is a  chance that the  gel is dissolving. We knew this would happen  but just had hoped that the gel would have stayed  in there for a bit longer. It is not totally gone but we  think it might be dissolving he said it is hard to tell. I am happy to  hear there was a bit of an increase in the  ratio  I guess I just  had hoped for more.I asked  if they had set a date for me to have the c section but he said they were going to take careful consideration  in determining  that so once again  is is unknown. I am praying that Dr.Yang will be in town when I give  birth and he is able to do the  surgery on the baby as well ( He had a vacation planned to go home before I came to the Fetal Care Institute), I asked him today and  he said he is working on it  so we will see. He is an amazing doctor  that I know will take great  care of my little guy. I hope next weeks visit there is still a little more growth   we are hoping to get into the 3's before the  gel is gone.  Thanks to  everyone who is  reading this  and  praying for  my little  guy  weather I know you or not I am  beyond thankful for every single prayer  he gets.

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  1. Julia,

    I just wanted to say hi and let you know that you have one more person thinking about and pulling for your little one.

    It sounds like you've had quite the journey so far and we wish you all the very best.

    We too are expecting our own CDH baby who is due August 13 so its nice to be reading about someone who's timing is very similar to us.