Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wow almost 7 months along already...

It  really seems like  just yesterday I had the nurse walk in and tell me  I was  pregnant. I was beyond excited  I didn't know  what to do or who to call. ( Normally  people will tell their husbands 1st  but  mine works  midnights  so he was sleeping and the phone was off)  I remember thinking  August is so far away, now with  just about  2 months  left I look back and think where did time  go. In one since I cant wait to see his  sweet lil face and  hold his hand  but  then the thought  of him not being inside where he is safe  scares the heck out of me. I am going to  miss the  kicks that  keep me up all night  and when I laugh and  Dustin looks at me  like I am  crazy b/c I am laughing out  of no where. I sit here and think  about how hectic our lives are  right now with  all the  hospital stays and  Dr. visits and  this is nothing compared to what we will face in  about 72 days.  For now I just live  day by day, and  everyday  lil guy stays inside its even better. I am  excited to see  what the Dr's say on Thursday, I hope and  pray the  gel  works and  does what  we  think it is suppose to do. I have talked to other moms who had it done and  with one it worked and the other there was no  change. I am  lucky number 6  to have the  procedure  done ( well lets hope its lucky #6). Thanks for all the prayers  I truly do thank  all of you from the bottom of my heart  <3
 26w4d ( Almost 7 months) <3

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