Friday, May 20, 2011

Taking it one day at a time

The  doctor appointment went  really good yesterday.Our lil guy now weighs  2lbs 5oz! All the  doctors were very excited to see  both the lungs! The head to lung ratio was a 2.1, the past visits  it has been a  1.1 then a 1.6 then a  1.3  which means  2.1 was very exciting to hear! I have  3 different people that  do measurements and  then they  take the average between the 3  and  one of them even got a 2 . 7  which is amazing! We have to hope and pray that the lungs continue to grow for another 3 weeks and the head to lung ratio  goes  up, after  the 3 weeks we expect the  head to lung to  go  down  b/c then the  gel will be  gone. The higher we can get it  in the next 3 weeks the better :) They said  that  the gel seems to be  doing exactly what it is suppose to be doing, so  we had a good take !  Dr. Valastos said that in the past if the  gel has taken like ours has then we should continue to see growth. We  took a  tour of the  NICU, that will be my home for a while after he is born.  Thank you all for the  prayers they  seem to be  working so please keep them coming we still have a long road ahead of us. Most of all lets hope he  stays  put inside for at least another  70 days ! In the mean time he is having a  blast kicking away in there and I am loving every minute of it !

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