Friday, May 13, 2011

Time is what we need....

I look back  at the past month and think how much my life has  changed. I never in my wildest  dreams would have  thought this pregnancy would have included 3 surgery's in a little over a month, that my baby would be born with such a scary thing like CDH. Now we just have to wait to see if the gel in his lungs will work as well as it did for the  other baby. The  Dr came in and  done an ultrasound yesterday  before I left  the hospital and   to our surprise we could actually see a  left lung for the  1st time  on an ultrasound. I knew then  that  doing that  surgery was  defiantly the  right thing to do so our lil guy  will have a  fighting chance. I am excited yet  scared at the same time to see what  the  next month will bring us. Right now  we are hoping I stay pregnant for the  next 78 days, which will put me at 37 weeks.  In the mean time  our lil guy has been  kicking away :) and I love  evry lil kick I  get . Thanks for all the  thoughts and prayers<3

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  1. Hi Julia,
    I work with your Mom. I just want to let you know you and the baby, plus family have been in my prayers every night before I go to bed..a special prayer. I am so happy that the gel is working, and also happy you can feel the experience of the babies life moving inside of you. Prayers are still going out and will for a long time